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Podcast: Tiffany Cherry on the highs and lows of breaking ground in sports broadcasting

Tiffany Cherry is a sports broadcasting pioneer who paved the way for Australian female presenters in the world of sport.


Tiff has had a remarkable career, firstly as a professional athlete and a physiotherapist with Richmond in the AFL, before kicking off an enviable broadcasting career covering the NFL SuperBowl, the Olympics, NBA Finals, Wimbledon and more, as well as becoming a household name in AFL media.

Bear in mind, this was a time when there were few female sports broadcasters. Getting a sports media gig, and earning respect, required a huge amount of ambition and resilience.

Tiffany Cherry podcast

But, when breaking new ground there are significant challenges, including sexism, relationships and mental health.

Tiff also talks about her unique pathway to becoming a single mum, and having to re-start her career pretty much from scratch, despite her experience and accomplishments.

She also shares strong views on the evolution of women in sport and why there’s still a long way to go.

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