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Case Study: Sports Star Speakers Boost Fundraising Luncheon

Moreton Bay Colleges' Foundation booked elite athletes Caitlin Bassett and Brenden Hall for an annual fundraising luncheon.

Client: The Moreton Bay Colleges’ Foundation Ltd

Talent: Caitlin Bassett, Australian Diamonds Netball Captain

Brenden Hall, Paralympic Gold Medallist

Brief: Guest speakers at sports fundraising luncheon

Connecting with PickStar

Moreton Bay Colleges' Foundation reached out to PickStar for help with putting together a sports star panel for their annual corporate luncheon.

The client provided PickStar with a budget, brief and a shortlist of stars. Caitlin Bassett, one of Australia's highest profile netball stars, and Brenden Hall, a Paralympic gold medallist were among the talent to apply for the opportunity and the client was eager to book the duo.

Talent was required to engage in a light-hearted and relaxed panel discussion, giving attendees an insight into their inspirational back stories that shaped their successful careers.


Caitlin and Brenden were a perfect match for the event, where guests dined in style while enjoying tales from both Brenden and Caitlin’s careers. It was a great day for all involved as attendees were also treated to prizes, raffles and auctions inside the state of the art Anna Meares Velodrome.

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