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Podcast: The Remarkable Rise, Fall and Rebuild of Former AFL Club President Rod Butterss

Rod Butterss is the former high flying businessman and AFL club President who’s life spiralled out of control through alcoholism and substance abuse.

Rod started and sold three companies, for a total of around $240 million, and he enjoyed the spoils of success in a cycle of boozy lunches, gambling and partying.

Despite being filthy rich, Rod says he was emotionally bankrupt. Becoming President of the St Kilda Football Club kept him on the rails (just) but it wasn’t long before his high functioning, alcoholic lifestyle came unstuck.

The costs were enormous. On the road to rock bottom, Rod lost his wealth, and some of his most important relationships. It was a chance meeting with other recovering addicts that helped turn his life around.

Now sober, Rod has nothing to hide. He talks candidly about his journey, warts and all .. along with his re-building process, and what he has learned about addiction, identity and purpose.


Connect with Rod Butterss at Amadeus Group.

Hosted by James Begley and Andrew Montesi.

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