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Podcast: Transition series - Sharni Layton on identity, self-discovery and transformation

As we continue our mini-series on transition, we talk to one of Australia’s top female sports stars, Sharni Layton, who has transformed herself from netball legend to AFLW footballer.

Sharni Layton is larger than life in just about every way, an imposing goalkeeper on the court, towering ruck on the field and an infectious, hilarious personality.

But with the highs, Sharni has faced plenty of lows. After achieving just about everything in netball - recognised as the best netballer in the world, captaining her country and winning gold at the World Cup and Commonwealth Games - Sharni hit what she describes as an identity crisis. Exhaustion, depression and the loss of passion for her sport.

In taking time away from the game, Sharni found herself … and that journey of self-discovery led to greater balance, energy and a new passion: footy.

Sharni shares her story, including the mental health struggles and wellness insights, the transition to AFLW, her strategy working with brands, the future of women’s sport and much more.

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Off-Field focuses on the world of sport outside of the arena with the people who make it happen. Hosted by Andrew Montesi.

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