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Podcast: Transition series - Mitch McCarron on basketball, finance and the future

We’re kicking off a mini-series focusing on transition, how professional athletes handle change … not just in their sporting environment, but careers and life.

NBL star Mitch McCarron handles transition better than most. The Melbourne United shooting guard learned to adapt from a young age.

Born in Alice Springs, Mitch moved with his family to Brisbane then pursued his basketball career in the US college system. He would also go on to play in Spain and Slovenia, adjusting to new cultures and dynamics along the way.

Now well established in the NBL and representing his country with the Australian Boomers, Mitch still has his next transition in the back of his mind - he has a university degree and works in a financial services firm between training sessions.

Mitch says this is about much more than about his next career move. It keeps him focused, balanced and provides valuable learning.

Mitch also shares insights about leadership, team dynamics and high performance as well as stories and lessons learned from family life.

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