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Podcast: Why Australia's Greatest Paralympian Matt Cowdrey Made the Jump into Politics

No Australian has had greater success at the Paralympics than Matt Cowdrey.

He won 23 medals throughout his Paralympic career including 13 gold, remarkably from just three Games. He also has a long list of world records to his name.

Born with a congenital amputation at his lower left arm, Matt tells PickStar's Off-Field podcast that he never saw any limitations. He played multiple sports and took up swimming in his backyard pool.

Matt Cowdrey with the PickStar team

That evolved into daily 4am training sessions, before making his Paralympic debut in 2004 as the youngest competitor at just 15 years old.

Despite living with a disability, Matt was never out to prove anyone wrong. He simply wanted swim fast, win and inspire others.

Hard work, dedication and commitment, values passed on by his parents, carry far beyond the pool and into his next career - politics.

Preselected by the South Australian Liberal Party ahead of the state election in March 2018, Matt is using his wealth of experience, knowledge and influence to continue making a difference.

We talk about Matt’s career transition along with his Paralympic story, his pathway, values and much more.


For more information about Matt and his campaign click here.

Hosted by James Begley and Andrew Montesi.

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