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Case Study: Indigenous sports star spreads positive mental health message

Spreading awareness and changing perceptions around mental health is particularly difficult when the audience is young people. That's why the Northern Territory Department of Health came to PickStar looking for an influential Indigenous athlete to spread the mental health message at their 'Stress Less' school event.

Client: Tennant Creek High School

Talent: Daniel Motlop (Former AFL player)

Brief: Indigenous sports star to guest speak on mental health and join in activities at 'Stress Less' event at Tennant Creek High School.

Connecting with PickStar:

‘Stress Less’ is an annual event held by the Northern Territory Department of Health designed to spread awareness about mental health, challenge perceptions and provide support information for those who need help.

This year, ‘Stress Less’ was held at Tennant Creek High School to engage hundreds of upper primary and high school children and provide them with the chance to participate in a program on mental health and positive wellbeing.

The event specifically promoted three themes - ‘Mindfulness, ‘Looking After Yourself’ and ‘Looking After Each Other’.

Considering the spike in deaths by suicide in Alice Springs for young males, the NT Department of Health approached PickStar in search of an Indigenous sports star who could engage their young audience and spread the message about mental health.

The brief required the star to participate a jam-packed day, including guest speaking, fan experiences and joining in with different activities.

PickStar staff worked with the NT Department of Health to explore the PickStar marketplace of over 40 Indigenous sports stars and compiled a list of potential talent.

PickStar pitched the opportunity to a number of athletes, and the client hit the jackpot when Daniel Motlop , one of the Northern Territory's greatest all-time Indigenous AFL stars, expressed his eagerness to be involved.


Daniel caught a plane from Adelaide to Alice Springs, then drove five-hours to Tennant Creek before the next day's events.

On Tuesday 13 August, Daniel completely embraced the positive mental health message and took every opportunity to spread awareness across the entire day.

Daniel presented a motivational speech to over 200 students, staff and visitors on mental health and wellbeing, including the importance of having positive mental health and information on where to get help. Daniel also shared great insights into his own experiences on looking after his mental health and how he navigated through hardship in his successful sporting career.

Then, the fun began, as Daniel participated in photo opportunities and activities such as a paint smash, drumming, karaoke and obstacle courses, all while constantly embracing a positive environment and sharing the message on mental health.

Overall, the event was hugely successful and effectively fostered a positive mental health message within the Tennant Creek community.

The NT Department of Health were very impressed with Daniel's involvement and dedication across the day.

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