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How corporates use sports stars to enhance social media campaigns

Social media has fundamentally changed the way brands market their products, allowing campaigns to be targeted at audiences that are most likely to become customers. The use of influencers such as sports stars adds credibility and reach, making social campaigns even more powerful. 3i Black Water recognised how effective sports stars could be to advertise their products, and used PickStar to find the talent they needed.

Client: 3i Black Water

Talent: Jay Schulz, Mariafe Artacho Del Solar and Shayna Jack

Brief: Athletes to post one photo on their social media accounts with 3i Black Water products.

Connecting with PickStar:

Beverage company 3i Black Water had recently released their newest product to the market and was looking to boost brand awareness.

After researching how to best connect with sporting talent, 3i Black Water jumped on to PickStar and submitted a brief. PickStar then reached out to their database of more than 1300 athletes to seek interest in 3i Black Water’s social media campaign.

Following a strong response from athletes from a variety of sporting codes, AFL footballer Jay Schulz, swimmer Shayna Jack and beach volleyballer Mariafe Artacho Del Solar were selected.

The Outcome:

3i's new product was seen by more than 60,000 people and the posts generated thousands of interactions with potential customers.

Swimmer Shayna Jack’s image of her drinking the product in front of the pool had more than 2000 likes alone, while Del Solar had more than 750 likes and comments on her image.

PickStar is the ultimate tool for businesses and marketing agencies who want to choose from the widest marketplace of sporting talent for campaigns, events and ambassadorial roles.

PickStar provides agencies with detailed talent shortlists for client pitches, brief and budget advice and handles the booking process from start to finish.

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