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Case Study: Hockey star helps Cancer Council hit fundraising target

Cancer Council WA was looking to take their annual Relay For Life fundraiser to the next level with the help of a sports star, so they contacted PickStar to find the perfect athlete to promote the event.

Client: Cancer Council WA

Talent: Stephanie Kershaw

Brief: Looking for a sports star to lift the profile of the event. They can sign autographs and take some pictures.

Connecting with PickStar

The Cancer Council WA host an annual event called Relay for Life, which aims to improve the lives of West Australians who have been affected by cancer.

The event is regarded as one of the most successful and professionally run relays in Australia and has raised over $2.7 million since 2008. It includes live entertainment, fancy dress and a moving candlelight ceremony.

Stephanie was keen to jump on board and help boost the event and the Cancer Council WA couldn't contain their excitement:


Stephanie appeared for an hour and participated in the event by signing autographs, doing a couple of laps and conducted a skills training.

The event was a huge success, with the Cancer Council WA raising over $300,000 on the day.

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