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Case Study: Freediving superstar shares positive mindset strategies at R U OK? Day event

R U OK? Day starts life-changing conversations and spreads awareness on supporting others who are struggling. That's why Aussie Home Loans decided to book an empowering sports star guest speaker who specialises in positive mental health strategies to boost their event.

Talent: Adam Sellars (Freediving)

Client: Aussie Home Loans

Brief: A sporting ambassador/star to talk to our team about mental health.

Connecting with PickStar

Aussie Home Loans had been through a roller coaster of a year, and management knew a number of their staff had too. So they decided to book an empowering sports star to speak at their upcoming R U OK? Day event for staff.

They particularly wanted a sporting ambassador or star who has a story to tell or is passionate about making a shift in mindset around mental health.

PickStar quickly went to work on compiling a list of potential talent who are key speakers on positive mental health mindsets, and Aussie Home Loans quickly settled on freediving star Adam Sellars.

Adam is a qualified teacher of mindfulness meditation and advanced visualisation, with his expertise deriving from the need to control his mind and develop strategies to overcome 'mental barriers' before and during his freediving descents (which can reach 70 metres deep).

He has become a huge advocate for developing empowering mindset techniques and frequently teaches these to businesses.

Aussie Home Loans agreed that Adam would be the perfect fit for their requirements, and after PickStar sent out the request, Adam responded and was eager to participate.


Brokers from all across south-east Queensland came together on the day to talk about their stories, past experiences and show support for anyone in need of help.

Adam was an enthusiastic guest speaker who shared stories on his unique freediving experiences and talked about various topics such as how to change your mindset and actions, tips on how to provide support, the importance of people talking about their issues and how it's okay to ask for help.

The brokers were captivated by his talk, which was a wonderful blend of education, empowerment and entertainment.

Did you know elite athletes are the perfect advocates for mental health?

Here at PickStar, our marketplace of over 1300 sports stars includes a wealth of athletes who are empowering speakers and ambassadors on mental health.

So whether you're holding an event or want to launch a mental health campaign, we're sure to have the ideal athlete for you.

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