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Top 10 guest speakers for International Women's Day

Women are making their mark in the fight against equality - and rightly so. On a day when we look to recognise every woman, we also look to inspire and remind women of their value and important place in society. Start locking in speakers for your International Women's Day events - search stars here


Celebrating the achievements of women

Until recently, men have dominated the sporting world. Yet, the supremacy that women are beginning to uphold has seen the dynamics of this world transform and International Women’s Day is just a symbolic celebration of how gender no longer stands in the way of passions and success.

Finding speakers for International Women’s Day

At PickStar, we’re lucky enough to work with inspiring female athletes every day. More than just sports stars, they have stories of inspiration, motivation, leadership, team work, resilience and much more.

Not only do they have great stories, many female sports stars are also highly experienced presenters, speakers and ambassadors, so you can be sure they’ll captivate your crowd.

So if you’re looking for the perfect guest speaker, keynote or MC for your International Women’s Day luncheon, event or occasion, here’s our top recommendations.

Tayla Harris

Not only has AFLW player and boxer Tayla Harris been an inspiration during the continual escalation of AFLW, she was at the core of women’s issues following the uproar of the goal kicking image posted to social media. This media storm saw Tayla’s maturity flourish and she led the movement in raising awareness around trolls and online bullying.

International Women's Day Speaker Tayla Harris
AFLW & Boxer - Tayla Harris

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Cate Campbell

From record holder to Olympic gold medallist, swimming superstar Cate Campbell can put many accomplishments next to her name. Yet, in the realm of sporting success, she can attribute her success to the true challenges she has faced through cancer scares, body image issues and failure, all of which have facilitated the story that is Cate Campbell and her comeback success.

International Women's Day Speaker Cate Campbell
Olympic Swimming Champion - Cate Campbell

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Katrina Webb

Despite a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy, Paralympian gold medallist Katrina Webb never let her love for sport evaporate. Showing how a weakness can be turned into a strength has inspired many women young and old, that disability should never be concealed, and success is a merely matter of true determination and passion.

International Women's Day Speakers Katrina Webb
Paralympian Champion - Katrina Webb

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Tracey Spicer

A Walkley Award winning journalist and inaugural national convenor of Women in Media, Tracey is one of the most sought-after keynote speakers in Australia. Highlights of her outstanding career include writing, producing and presenting documentaries on women and girls in Bangladesh, Kenya, Uganda, Papua New Guinea and India.

International Women's Day Speaker Tracey Spicer
Tracey Spicer

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Caroline Buchanan

BMX and mountain bike champion, Caroline Buchanan has mastered the craft of success, through winning elite world championships in more than just one discipline, in more than one place. Parallel with this success comes her off-field rise to triumph with countless awards and recognition in which has founded her ability to use her platform to become a role model for all women in sport.

International Women's Day Speaker Caroline Buchanan
BMX & Mountain Bike Champion - Caroline Buchanan

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Aimee Massie

Aimee Massie has travelled the world with her elite skateboarding career, but an elevated motivation in building female’s confidence and self-worth in all areas sport has helped her drive a more fulfilling profession, especially sports with such a male governed stereotype.

International Women's Day Speaker Aimee Massie
Elite Professional Skateboarder Aimee Massie

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Sally Pearson

Notably, one of Australia’s most successful female Olympians, Sally Pearson is recognised for her accomplishments, but like any, it came with an upheaval battle of extensive training, injuries, mental stamina and sustaining the fitness for elite championships. Now, as one of the fastest 100m hurdlers in history, she is also just as quickly fulfilling her ongoing role to support and inspire younger women in sport to overcome any challenge.

International Women's Day Speaker Sally Pearson
Olympic Champion - Sally Pearson

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Libby Trickett

In the light of a recent bare-all, Olympic Gold Medallist Libby Trickett understands the ups and downs of fame and success. Little did she know, the post-natal depression she endured would be an even bigger challenge to overcome.

Libby Trickett with family at the Mother's Day Classic walk - a tribute to both her passion for women and motherhood.

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Chelsea Roffey

A trailblazer in the male-dominated AFL world of the 2000s, Chelsea Roffey became the first woman to officiate an AFL Grand Final in 2012. A journalist by trade, Roffey speaks on themes of leadership, diversity & inclusion, equality and culture.

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Abbey McCulloch

Although the popularity of AFL shifted the dynamics of female sports, the momentum of netball never seemed to give way. With over a decade of sporting experience, Abbey McCulloch has now re-positioned her passion and commitment to the game into her role Channel 9 as a netball commentator.

International Women's Day Speaker Abbey McCulloch
Netball Champion - Abbey McCulloch

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As ambassadors for women’s rights, imparting their determination and empowerment is each talent’s topmost ambition. Browse International Women's Day speakers by location: All of Australia Adelaide Brisbane Melbourne Perth Sydney

With 1700+ sports personalities to choose from, PickStar’s marketplace can help you find the right fit for your International Women’s Day event, no matter what budget, location or criteria you are hoping for.

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