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Case Study: Athletes Inspire on the Field and in the Classroom

PickStar helped Secondary Senior College book Melissa Barbieri & Scott Miller for a Q&A session.

Client: Bendigo Senior Secondary College

Talent: Melissa Barbieri & Scott Miller

Brief: We are looking for some athletes to speak to our year 11&12 students about the importance of setting goals and time management throughout their final years of schooling.

Connecting with PickStar:

Bendigo Secondary Senior College were looking to inspire their students at the start of the academic year. Two athletes were required to speak to the year 11&12 students involved in the schools sports program.

The presentation needed to highlight the importance of time management when juggling their academic and sporting pursuits. The Q&A also touched on setting goals, building resilience and the importance of mental health for athletes.

Once the booking request was placed on PickStar’s system, talent had applied to the opportunity, and agreed to participate in the event within 4 days. Bendigo Secondary Senior College choose to book the resilient Matildas goalkeeper Melissa Barbieri & the youngest ever A-League coach Scott Miller.

The Outcome:

Bendigo Senior Secondary School could not have found anyone more resilient and adaptable than Melissa & Scott who were both written off before finding ways to reinvent themselves and continue their careers at an elite level.

Melissa was always told her height would prevent her from reaching the pinnacle of her sport. She then defied the naysayers once again with her remarkable comeback after the birth of her child when many were saying it was time for Melissa to call it quits.

Scott proved to be both driven and adaptable when he turned to coaching after a career-ending injury at the age of 18. Scott knew that he belonged at the elite level and he was willing to redefine himself to do so. Almost two decades later Scott’s been involved in coaching in the English Premier League and the Australian National Team.

Melissa & Scott both drew on experiences from their careers to impart the knowledge necessary to achieve brilliance on and off the field to the students. The students took full advantage of the athletes, picking their brains during the Q&A session and left the event motivated to excel on the field and the classroom.

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