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Podcast: Georgie Parker on reinvention, lessons learned and mixed feelings on the road from hockey t

As a kid, Georgie Parker dreamed of playing AFL for the Adelaide Crows before picking up a hockey stick.


Georgie Parker on the Off-Field podcast

Georgie represented Australia in over 100 games with the Hockeyroos, winning a Commonwealth Games gold medal, competed at the 2016 Rio Olympics and played hockey all over the world, before making the transition to AFLW where she debuted with Collingwood in early 2018.

Georgie tells us how she went about learning a completely new sport in a matter of months, including both the physical and psychological challenges.

She also talks about the mixed feelings of coming from the under-resourced world of women's hockey, to the sharp rising women’s footy league, which is attracting the big brand dollars and top talent.

Pursing the sporting dream comes at a cost off the field, which Georgie talks about, along with mentors and learnings on the journey and much more.

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Off-Field focuses on the world of sport outside of the arena with the people who make it happen. Hosted by James Begley and Andrew Montesi.

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