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Podcast: Cricket Legend Jason Gillespie on the Defining Moments That Changed His Life

For Jason Gillespie, there have been two key moments that changed the course of his life. One was some 'lighthearted' cricket banter, the other a family tragedy.


Jason ‘Dizzy' Gillespie was one of the world’s great fast bowlers during the mid 2000s when Australia was dominating international cricket. He took 259 test match wickets, and who could forget the double century he made against Bangladesh in 2006. If not for injuries, his record could’ve been even better.

He’s now a highly respected cricket coach, and led the Adelaide Strikers to victory in the 2018 Big Bash League.

Jason Gillespie on PickStar's Off-Field podcast

In recent years, he’s become a vegan. He explains the ethical and health reasons, but reveals the motivation behind the lifestyle change - the sudden and tragic loss of his father, Neil, who suffered a heart attack while helping Jason move house.

Attempts to revive his Dad were unsuccessful, and the aftermath led Jason to reflect on all aspects of his own life.

Jason also talks about other defining moments, including the grade cricket banter that ended up inspiring his path to Test cricket, his partnership with champion Glenn McGrath, overcoming adversity, coaching insights, family life, his indigenous heritage and much more.

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