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The Smartwatch Powered By Your Body Heat

Your watch powers your day, appointments, notifications and workouts, but now you power your smartwatch.

This technology is now a reality. A body heat-powered watch is for those really wanting to get ahead of the sports tech field.

The Matrix Powerwatch is a world first in smartwatch technology, gone are the days of having to plug in your watch to keep using it, this one never runs out of juice.

Matrix Smartwatch

The Powerwatch runs exclusively on the user's own body heat through a process called the thermoelectric effect, which converts heat into usable electricity.

The revolutionary advancement means the watch will still track your steps, calories, sleep quality as well as display notifications, just like any other smartwatch.

However, this watch is also waterproof to 50 metres, a first in the smartwatch and sports tech market.

The only negative is the lack of a touchscreen, but it's a small price to pay in return for never having to charge your watch again.

Matrix Smartwatch

Take a look and see how they're shaking up the smartwatch industry:

The company is already thinking about applying the tech to other uses, namely Bluetooth headphones.

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