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10 of the Strangest Athlete Endorsements

Here at PickStar we love seeing athletes endorse their favourite products but sometimes it gets weird. Really weird.

Here is our list with some of the most bizarre athlete product or brand endorsements from around the globe and on home soil.

Michael Jordan - AMF Bowling

The star swaps his trademark Nikes for bowling shoes in this cringe-worthy endorsement from the mid nineties.

Christian Ronaldo - KFC

Not exactly a staple in the diet of an elite athlete but KFC Arabia somehow roped Ronaldo in for this one. How many laps of the pitch do you think he had to run after shooting this ad?

Muhammad Ali - Roach Trays

We know it's an oldie but such a goodie. The legend himself thinks this particular roach trap is beautiful, watch for yourself and see.

Steph Curry - Brita

You are what you drink, or so says Steph Curry. This was an odd endorsement but even we admit the Golden State Warriors champ could get anyone to drink more water with that gaze ...

David Beckham - Fish Fingers

Well known for his days spent modelling underwear, and playing a bit of soccer too, this deal was a bit left of field.

Nick Cummins - Head and Shoulders

The Honey Badger returned to show off his luscious locks in this commercial for shampoo. Nick is one of Australia's great sporting characters, so if anyone could put this gig off it's him.

Pat Rafter - Bonds

One from the archives, Aussie tennis star Pat Rafter gives us an insight into why tennis players grunt so much. We think there's some truth to this one.

David Warner - OLED TV

The Australian Cricket Vice Captain really loves his OLED, what else can he say? This ad quickly became one the most meme-able sports endorsements and the subject of massive levels of social media banter. LG certainly got the online reach they were looking for!

Shane Warne - Advanced Hair Studio

Our all time favourite is from Warney and his immense fear of hair loss. He's been advocating for the company for over ten years now. While we're happy he's still got a full head of hair we can't help but chuckle at his commercials, here are our favourites from over the years, we couldn't just pick one:

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