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Working With Elite Athletes (Part 4): Sports Fan Experiences

A lot of people assume that high profile athletes would NEVER rock up to a fan’s house to help them celebrate a birthday party. They’re wrong.

In the last few years, the world has completely changed.

Remember, it was said that people would never book a car ride with everyday, random people. Enter Uber. And people would never book and stay in a house with someone they didn’t know. Enter Air Bnb.

Corey Parker with a young fan

And the barriers have been removed between fans and elite athletes, too. With the support of a secure and credible booking system, elite athletes are engaging directly with requests from their fans.

And some of the requests can be .. unusual. PickStar has brought athletes to weddings, Bar Mitsvahs, fantasy footy events and more.

So as a sports fan, how can you engage with your favourite sports stars? Here’s five ideas.

1. Birthday party appearance

An Eagles birthday party

Birthday party appearances are a massive growth area. PickStar has brought top athletes and sports legends to many milestone events, including 10th, 30th, 50th, 70th and even a 90th birthday party!

Imagine your favourite sports star attending your birthday party – it’s a unique and unforgettable experience, and easy to see why it’s sought-after by an increasing amount of fans.

2. Personal skills clinic

A personal skills clinic is an amazing experience for a youngster or up and coming athlete. Not only does the young athlete get to spend quality time with a sports star, they get to learn skills from someone at the top of their game. A great gift idea!

Melbourne Victory skills

3. Personal meeting with a sports star

One-on-one time with a sports star is a very rare and personal opportunity. But PickStar makes it happen, having already arranged coffees, lunches and meetups for fans and sports stars. Again, this is a popular experiential gift idea.

Matthew Richardson Surprise 50th

4. Hens/Bucks parties

Sports stars, particularly legends and personalities, take the fun of a hens or bucks party to a whole new level. Sports cult heroes, like Warwick Capper and Tony Modra, are particularly popular. And facilitating the booking through a credible system ensures there’s appropriate vetting and other safeguards.

Coolingwood bucks show

5. Video message

Matthew Lloyd video message

A video message from a sports star is an easy and fun way to add some magic to a special event or a personal memento for a loved one or friend.

It could be “happy birthday”, some personal advice for a young sports fan or, in the case of AFL legend Matthew Lloyd, even a best man’s speech!

So how much does it cost?

It’s not just about budget. Athletes also consider location, availability/schedule fit and passion for the event purpose (read more about this).

But PickStar works with ALL budgets, and many athletes enjoying hanging out with fun fans, so in a lot of cases it’s a surprisingly affordable process. The best thing to do is lodge a request, ask the question (with no obligations), and see who might be available!

Want to find out more about booking a sports star? Get started right now with PickStar or send PickStar an email with your contact details and we’ll be in touch to discuss your needs.

PickStar is Australia’s largest marketplace to connect with elite athletes past and present for any kind of event, campaign or experience.

Choose from 1000+ sports stars, any budget, any location. Find out more.

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