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Barty's Bizarre Midnight Ritual

Typically after winning an international tennis match you'd be ready for bed or celebrations ... but not for star Ashleigh Barty.

It's almost midnight and she's just finished her clash with an international rival, but Barty heads back onto court to iron out her serves.

Australia's top female tennis player insists on returning post match to work on her game, saying there's no better opportunity because she's warm and the courts are free.

"Instead of me worrying about it overnight, I can go home now and know that I've done my work."

It's a tactic frequently used by the 21 year old.

"After some matches we just go out and work on a few things. I just wanted to work on my rhythm and just hit my spots a little bit more in serve," she said.

"We'll just grab a box of balls and go out for 10 minutes."

While Ash didn't manage to progress beyond the third round at the Australian Open in 2018, she sure has the mentality required for Grand Slam success!

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