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Infographic: The Impact of Social Media on Sport

This infographic combines all the facts and figures you need to know about the role social media plays in sport on a global level.

Produced by Betting Sites, the infographic details a global summary of the impact social media has had on sport, including fan engagement and athlete influence. It explores commercial returns from online markets through social media as well as sports marketing.

Did you know that the most popular athlete on social media is Cristiano Ronaldo with a whopping fan base of over 100 million followers on Instagram alone? He also tops the list across the board with the highest amount of followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Also, 80% of sports fans will interact with some form of social media while watching sports on TV, with 29.3% of those engaging with content of short match clips online.

And this is just the beginning .. expect social media to continue to influence the sports industry in a big way.

social media and sport infographic

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