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The Funniest Names In Horse Racing

One of the most unique aspects of horse racing is the names of the horses. There's the creative and classy, then there's these hilarious names.

1. Arrrrr

Probably the only animal able to pronounce and say his own name (sort of). Even the commentator wasn't afraid to get his pirate on - listen down below!

2. Maythehorsebewithu
It may be the corniest Star Wars pun on the racetrack, but this horse really did have the force. After winning his maiden by a neck, he went on to finish 5th in the Melbourne Cup!

3. Sotally Tober

Just like everybody else at the races!

4. Hoof Hearted

Watch the video below and you’ll understand just how funny this cheap joke is!

5. Notacatbutallama

Or most probably a horse?

6. My Wife Knows Everything and 7. The Wife Doesn't Know
The most ironic race ever. Watch these two go neck and neck - who wins? Have a look below!

8. Ha Ha Ha
Just imagine commentators trying to pronounce this one without looking stupid! But the last laugh ended up being on those who named him - in a six-race career, he finished last twice and was pulled up on two other occasions.

9. Waikikamukau
Pronounced ‘why kick a moo cow’ is an evil trick played by New Zealanders on Aussie race callers.
10. Wear The Fox Hat
Say it quickly in an Irish accent – now picture a commentator doing the same – cheeky!

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