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How Jack Riewoldt Became a Rockstar

It’s 7:30pm on Grand Final night, Richmond has won their first AFL premiership in 37 years and fans are celebrating at the post match concert with The Killers. Then a familiar face jumps on stage.

Before the big game Riewoldt told two members of Richmond’s media team that if they won he would sing onstage with The Killers and he kept that promise.

There were a few high powered phone calls during the final quarter and by the time the tigers had won the 2017 AFL Grand Final preparations had been made.

“It’s very un-Richmondy what I did,” Riewoldt told Fox Footy’s AFL 360.

“I went to the media girls during the week and said: ‘Look I know The Killers are playing and I love The Killers and Sam’s Town is one of my favourite albums of all time … on the off-chance that we do win, can we maybe just have a word and see if I can get on stage?’ And it sort of came to fruition through the AFL."

Jack Riewoldt on stage with the Killers

By the time The Killers final song rolled around Riewoldt was ready, and took the stage with lead man Brandon Flowers to belt out the one of the most popular songs of the last couple of decades, Mr Brightside.

Riewoldt understood the rarity of the opportunity, saying he’ll be “forever grateful” for his “phenomenal” on-stage moment.

He expressed his gratitude for the experience saying, "You don't get those opportunities much in life so you want to take them. I'm extremely grateful, being a rock star is pretty cool.

"It [singing with The Killers] was close to the feeling of the final siren, the feeling of elation … they're an awesome act and I was just pumped it could happen."

AFL 360’s Mark Robinson described Riewoldt’s performance as the “single most spectacular thing I’ve seen an AFL player do in the history of my time in football.”

While the band were also impressed tweeting: "The guy in yellow had a helluva night."

It was a first for The Killers as well as they rarely have anyone on stage joining in on their performances, let alone for their biggest hit.

The band's management confirmed to Fairfax Media on Sunday morning that Riewoldt was the first person to ever perform the song on stage with the band.

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