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How Data is Influencing Betting

The world of betting from the outside looks like a black and white money machine, but data analytics has made it is so much more than that.

Data and technology are rapidly changing the face of gambling, particularly in Australia, where punters are demanding more sophisticated products.

Stuart Moseley and Simon Gerring head up Sportsbet's data teams, and told PickStar's Off-Field podcast that they're really working for a tech company more than a bookmaker.

“It’s all tech based, and that’s what makes it an un-traditional bookie, in that the tech we have, most tech companies would be very jealous of. Also, the culture that we try and replicate isn’t the culture of a gambling company it’s the culture of Google or Facebook,” Stuart said.


Sportsbet's use of analytics and data is changing the way people place bets and navigate the website and app.

“It’s basically any data you can think of we probably have, so it’s every touchpoint from the customer ... if you look at the full lifecycle of the customer you’re working with information where they’re just clicking around, they’re not even a customer yet," Stuart said.

"But you’re looking at what websites they’re on, where they’re clicking, where we’re going to serve up ads, all the way through to [them becoming] a customer and now they’re tapping away on our app.

S“It’s the whole ecosystem of everything they do. Every single click is a piece of data."

This helps Sportsbet tailor and customise a customer’s experience.

Data enables the company to prioritise and position each and every message, image and market to potential and regular customers. The move to personalised experiences for each and every customer truly sets them apart from their rivals, in what is a highly competitive and lucrative market.

Sportsbet has consistently held the number one downloaded app in it's category since 2014 and continues to dominate the mobile sphere.

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