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Podcast: Chris Knights on the Silver Lining in Injuries, AFL to SEO, Pursuing Excellence

Not many AFL footballers would've been learning about the nuances of search engine optimisation and online marketing as this field was exploding in the mid 2000s.

But this is exactly what Chris Knights was doing, when he founded Zib Media seven years ago while still building his AFL career.

The former Adelaide Crows and Richmond Tigers midfielder has grown his company to 40 staff across three offices.

He says footy was never all consuming. Chris was motivated by the high performance and goal driven environment, more than the game itself.

James Begley with Chris Knights

Business also gave Chris perspective, particularly when dealing with the long list of injuries that would eventually bring a premature end to his time in the AFL.

And when he hung up the boots, owning a business gave Chris the purpose and a passion to ensure a smooth transition out of professional sport, which a lot of other sports stars struggle with.

Chris is now doing his bit to help other elite athletes find their way in the real world.

Chris is engaging and articulate, sharing his story, insights from sport and business, how he pursues excellence in all areas of his life, and much more.


Hosted by James Begley and Andrew Montesi.

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