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Shocking Pictures of Rower's Hands After 1000km Journey

You could probably imagine that rowing for 1000 kilometres would take a physical toll. But this much?

English rower Alex Gregory, a two-time Olympic gold-medallist, was part of a crew of nine rowers embarking on an expedition from Norway to Iceland that began in July 2017.

The team had broken eleven world records on their massive 965km journey, but poor weather, no sun or functioning electrical equipment led them to being stranded on an island.

For their safety, the group made the decision to call their trip short and re-route to the Island of Jan Mayen where they were looked after by the Norwegian military and Norwegian Meteorological Institute.

And after taking off his wet gloves, Alex Gregory posted a picture of his hands ...

Are you ready?

Looking more like baseball mits than hands, the wet and dampness seeped through the gloves and into the skin.

"This has certainly been one hell of an adventure," Gregory said.

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