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Podcast: Leigh Russell on the Costs and Rewards of Breaking Ground in the Australian Sports Industry

Leigh Russell was a pioneer in the field of people and culture within Australian elite sport.

She was the first person to take on such a role in the AFL, as General Manager of People and Culture at Essendon in 2006. While it was a ground breaking position, some of her new thinking around psychology and high performance was not embraced by everyone, including coach and club legend Kevin Sheedy.

Leigh later took on the role of CEO at Netball Victoria, which again tested her philosophies and leadership style.

Leigh Russell, in her role on television show The Recruit

Leigh talks about breaking down barriers throughout her career in elite sport, and the lessons learned which she now applies as a high performance coach, presenter, author and adviser.

The challenges extend to home life. Leigh’s husband, Andrew, is one of Australia’s top strength and conditioning specialists and currently works with Hawthorn in the AFL. As a high performing couple, managing life goals, kids AND career progression is a major juggle.


Connect with Leigh Russell here.

Hosted by James Begley and Andrew Montesi.

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