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91 Year Old Still Buys His Late Wife Tickets To Baseball Games

91-year-old Ron Ochmann, has earned himself the nickname “The Mayor of Section 164” at Progressive Field, the home ground of American baseball team Cleveland Indians.

It’s because he has been a regular since 1994, when the stadium opened. Ron knows all the stadium ushers and their favourite restaurants, and all the regulars in his section and what type of beer they drink.

His first game was on a date with a girl named Annie who later became his wife. They continued the tradition of their first date over four years until Annie passed away in 1998.

19 years on, Ron still buys Annie tickets to all the games.

“I probably go to 60 to 65 games a year. I only use her ticket for people who are celebrating an anniversary, or they’re doing something special and they want to take their girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, whatever, to the ball game, and I will give them my tickets,” he said. “I use probably 10, maybe 15 tickets a year for someone special. The balance of the tickets go to Indians’ charity in Annie’s name, so that way Annie is remembered every day.” Ron told Cleveland.Com.

Over the years, Ron has formed long-term friendships with the other fans in his section, including Minda, who occasionally still sports Annie’s old Indians jacket.

"His body may occupy one stadium seat, but his heart fills two."

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