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The 64-Year-Old in Better Shape Than You

Age is undoubtedly just a number for gym junkie Mike Millen, who still trains like a beast every single day at 64 years of age!

Born in the United Kingdom, Mike was raised in inner London where he played soccer, before falling in love with long distance running at training.

Mike signed up for his first marathon, only to break his ankle six months before the run. Despite only having six weeks of training, he finished the marathon in three hours and six minutes.

After many more marathons, Mike joined a gym after he thought his arms were becoming too thin from the long runs. He took up calisthenics and full-body workouts and hasn’t looked back ever since.

Have a look at his intense workouts below:

Mike's great physique has also scored him a contract with a professional modelling agency. According to him, the secret to his success is showing up every day and challenging himself to try different moves!

A silver fox that's for sure!

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