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Podcast: The tech that's powering Sportsbet

Sportsbet is Australia’s biggest corporate bookmaker but is a tech company before anything else, according to our guests Stuart Moseley and Simon Gerring.

Stuart heads up operational analytics, while Simon oversees commercial analytics at Sportsbet. We caught up with the guys at Sports Analytics Conference 2017 in Melbourne, attended by over 1000 people from the sports tech industry from around Australia and the world.

Technology has given Sportsbet an extraordinary advantage in the Australian betting market. Every click is tracked, every user decision analysed and every interaction personalised, optimising for the best customer experience possible.

Even more fascinating is Sportsbet’s ability to predict game day outcomes .. we’re talking play by play. And that’s just scratching the surface of the company’s amazing work in the tech space.

Stu and Simon talk about the mechanics behind what they do, data and social media marketing, and also the culture of Sportsbet, where it’s cheeky online persona is embodied by its staff.


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This episode is hosted by Andrew Montesi and James Begley.

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