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Boy Receives Custom Adidas Kit Two Years After Submitting Design

Adidas has sent 12-year-old Jasper Fleming his own custom kit two years after he sent them his own hand-drawn designs.

Extremely bored one day, Jasper and his friend Sam decided to design a soccer jersey. They drew a complete kit design, front and back, complete with a logo, name and number.

And they didn’t stop there - they also designed a pair of cleats, using duct tape and a black marker.

“We spent about a good hour just planning and then we started drawing it,” Jasper told Global News.

Incredibly, a whole TWO years later, Jasper’s mother Lise received a phone call from an Adidas rep asking for Jasper’s shoe size. And a few weeks later a package arrived at their home.

Inside the box was Jasper’s official custom-made jersey and cleats, as well as an official Colombia jersey, Jasper’s favourite team.

“I pulled out the jersey and I’m like, ‘Woah, this is exactly like I remember it,'” Jasper said.

Lise said her son gained a passion for drawing after he was diagnosed with dyslexia in Grade 3. She said he thrived in both sports and drawing, after struggling to keep up with his peers at school.

Jasper immediately called his friend Sam to come over and check out their designs and gave him the Colombia jersey so he didn’t feel left out.

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