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Teen Double Amputee Back on the Race Track Months After Horrific Crash

Motor racing has always been a dangerous sport. Flying around the corners of specially designed tracks at dizzying speeds was never going to be considered safe.

Billy Monger from the UK knows this better than anyone. Just days before his 18th birthday he was involved in a serious high speed accident, where he crashed into a stationary car and as a result lost both of his lower legs.

Billy was trapped inside of his vehicle for more than 90 minutes before being taken to hospital and put in an induced coma. Unfortunately, doctors were unable to save his legs.

But amazingly, just 11 weeks after his accident, Billy was back behind the wheel with the help of Team BRIT, a motor racing team which helps disabled drivers and injured servicemen return to competing in motorsport.

He drove a Fun Cup endurance racer, which was designed to look like the classic VW Beetle and used hand controls mounted to the steering wheel.

Speaking about the experience, Billy Monger said:

“It’s been really good just to get back behind the wheel. Team BRIT have got two steering wheels for me to try out today.

“I’ve decided which one I prefer, now it’s just about perfecting the technique.”

According to Autosport , Billy will return to racing in November as part of a scheme aimed at putting three disabled drivers on the grid at the Le Mans 24 Hours - the world's oldest sports car race.

He is set to work with quadruple amputee and Le Mans racer Frederic Sasusset.

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