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Man Places Bet On Wayne Rooney Seven Years Ago And it Finally Pays Off

In an attempt to wind up Reds fans, Manchester City supporter Jordon Fawcett placed a £20-pound bet in 2010 that Wayne Rooney would return to Everton. But little did he know that seven years later that £20-pound bet would be paying for his honeymoon.

At the time, the bookies claimed it was 5-2 odds that Rooney would go to Chelsea, 3-1 to go to Real Madrid and 20-1 for AC Milan, while the odds of him going back to Everton were a massive 100-1.

Wayne Rooney

Being his first ever bet he placed, Jordon stored the slip in his mum’s house to keep as a memory, so when it was announced that Rooney was returning to Everton Jordon made a speedy trip to mum’s place.

But he couldn't find it anywhere, he told Manchester Evening News.

"I turned the house upside down to find the slip when Wayne did move to Everton - my brother was laughing, but I wasn't - it was a lot of money! It was my first ever bet, so I remembered it clearly."

Despite not being able to find the missing bet slip, UK betting company BetFred were understanding and gave Jordon £2000 after he was able to prove his handwriting.

The 33-year-old father of two says the money has helped him to afford his honeymoon.

"We originally could not afford a honeymoon with the cost of the reception, now with this £2,000 we are probably going to Majorca with our two children. I am over the moon."

BetFred owner Fred Done added, "It's amazing that a Red legend like Wayne Rooney going back to his boyhood club is paying for the honeymoon of a loyal City fan. Jordon is one of only 19 people in the country who put a bet on Rooney going to Everton at 100-1."

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