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Podcast: Fergus Watts' journey from footy failure to a $25 million business

Fergus Watts was a first round AFL draft pick, and seemed destined to be a star. But careers don’t always go to plan and after struggling for five years with the Crows and then the Saints, Watts was delisted and his AFL dream dashed.

But that failure not only taught Fergus valuable lessons, it set him on a path where traditional systems would be reimagined .. and risk would be embraced.

Fergus founded Bastion, aged just 23 with no staff or office. Now Bastion Collective is a group of companies that covers marketing strategy, PR and communications, sponsorship, events and more, employing over 150 people in Australia, LA, London and Shanghai with about $25 million in revenue.


James Begley with Fergus Watts

Fergus talks candidly with his former team mate James Begley about his naive start in business, the unique company structure and keys to growth, emerging trends, culture and all of the lessons learned between the footy club and the board room.

This episode is hosted by Andrew Montesi and James Begley.

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