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Case Study: Sports Stars at Coles Store Openings

Australian supermarket giant Coles used PickStar to book former Fremantle Dockers legend and media personality Shaun McManus and Perth Glory star Liam Reddy.

Client: Coles

Talent: Shaun McManus & Liam Reddy

Brief: Athlete Appearances at Launch Events

Shaun McManus at Coles

Connecting with PickStar

Coles contacted PickStar looking for two sports personalities to engage with fans and event attendees at their Secret Harbour and Lake Lands store openings, in Western Australia.

Coles sought athletes with fun and easy going personalities who would resonate with Western Australian customers and fit within the event budget.

PickStar provided Coles with an extensive list of recommended options across multiple sports that fitted the budget and brief. The client selected Shaun McManus, a Fremantle Dockers legend and local media personality. Perth Glory star goalkeeper Liam Reddy was also picked.

The booking was confirmed with Coles and the athletes within 48 hours.

The Event

On the opening day, the athletes spent time mingling with fans and event attendees, signing autographs, taking photos and joining in on the fun.

The event was a big success, enjoyed by the client, event goers and the athletes.

Liam Reddy at Coles

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