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Meet the Blind Sports Commentator

26-year-old Bryce Weiler has been blind since birth, but this hasn’t stopped him from following his dreams of becoming a sports commentator.

He was born with retinopathy of prematurity, which is a disorder that weakens the sight of premature infants by causing abnormal blood vessels to grow throughout their retinas. Bryce has only been able to see some light and shadow, but now even that is fading.

Despite his disability, he has broadcasted more than 100 baseball, basketball and soccer games. Using audio cues, he analyses games, discusses statistics and stories in the pauses left by the play by play commentator.

Bryce grew up regularly listening to broadcasts of games and was hooked ever since. He attended the University of Evansville, a school with an extensive sports program and a student-run radio station. This is where Bryce began commentating - first for the women's basketball team, memorising player statistics and back stories, then added soccer, baseball and softball to his list.

Bryce now has a full-time position at a Minor League baseball club, creating sports programs for people with disabilities and helping them fill other jobs within the club.

While he is not commentating anymore, he has inspired and helped other people with disabilities enjoy sports as much as he has.

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