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Athlete Gets Sponsorship Offer after Shitting Herself on Live TV

UFC fighter Felice Herrig's impressive chokehold on Justine Kish created a .. sticky situation.

Kish lost control of her bowels while trying to escape.

Unfortunately, the unpleasant incident occurred in front of thousands of fans at the event, and many more watching on their screens at home!

Watch it for yourself ...

Her response was admirable ...

Since then, Kish has received multiple sponsorship offers including from Dude Wipes – basically the 'male' equivalent to baby wipes.

They thought Kish had an awesome attitude about the situation and tweeted her an offer.

She told iHeart Radio's Domenick Nati Show, "I'm actually considering it because we could have some fun with it and maybe make the product less embarrassing and more funny."

Shit happens!

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