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Athlete Forcibly Removed from Flight for Being Too Tall

Not every day do you get kicked off a plane because of your genetics, but for Russian volleyball player Alexander Kimerov that’s exactly what happened.

The 213cm tall Kimerov was escorted off his flight by police officers when he got into a heated exchange with a flight attendant who complained that his legs were blocking the aisles.

Understandably being upset about being kicked off, cabin crew eventually had to call police to remove Kimerov, who told him to “behave like a man and vacate your seat”.

Kimerov claims a passenger with more legroom tried to swap seats with him, but the flight attendant asked him to sit down.

The incident was filmed by a fellow passenger and posted online. Watch below:

Volleyball is huge in Russia, and the debacle has got a lot of attention after it was posted on social media.

Moscow Dynamo player Alexander Volkov expressed his shock at his fellow player’s treatment, saying:

“What’s going on with this world, friends? A man is being taken off plane because of his height.

“And not just an ordinary man but a prominent sportsman who plays for Russia.”

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