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Kim Green: "I asked for a sign that this wouldn't be the last time I played netball"

In an exclusive series for PickStar, Australian Diamonds netball star and Giants captain Kimberlee Green shares her year-long journey back to the court after a knee reconstruction.

In her first diary entry, Kim takes us back to the 19th of March 2017, the day she wrecked her knee and her season was declared over.

Kimberlee Green is helped from the court - Photo: Narelle Spangher

Kimberlee Green is helped from the court after injuring her knee / Image: Narelle Spangher

I was feeling a little sore heading into the round five game against the Adelaide Thunderbirds, we had a tough week on the training track.

I went for a long walk and did an extra stretch session with teammates Taylah Davies, Krissie Brice and Sammy Poolman - it was a relaxed vibe.

The warm-up felt great - intense, but on point.

I was so excited to see the AFLW Giants girls there in the crowd to support our team, with each and every one of them in an Orange T-shirt with my head on it (I worked as the Player Development Manager -Welfare for them).

The game started, it was the Thunderbirds centre pass. It flew down to their attacking third and we intercepted the ball … 10 seconds in. I saw the opening to transition the ball out of defence … I drove hard with a player defending behind me and one running down the court to stop the drive.

Unfortunately for me, I was hit from behind after taking the ball and BAM … I heard a click and it felt like my knee completely rotated and something snapped.

At first, it was the most excruciating pain I have ever felt.

It felt as though I wanted to throw up, while I also felt the strongest pressure through my chest. I could barely breathe.

I remember looking at my other leg and it was shaking from the shock, I knew straight away that my season was over.

Initially I was sad, then angry, then sad again.

I messaged mum and Trent, my husband, to let them know that the doctor thinks it is a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament and my season would be over.

Mum was found in the crowd and brought down to the change room. We were both in tears.

I got out of the change room at half time, I didn’t want the girls to see me upset, I sat in the change room next door and listened in on the half time chats, I knew they would fire in that second half.

Julie Fitzgerald, our coach, came and found me at half time to give me a hug and I couldn’t stop crying, neither could she. After the game the girls were as devastated as I was.

Travelling home

I asked for a sign that this wasn’t going to be the last time I played netball, and all of a sudden 30 minutes into our trip we actually drove through three rainbows ... not under them, through them!

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