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Runway to Ring: Meet the Model turned Muay Thai Fighter

Mia Kang is a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model that graces the covers of magazines worldwide. But now the 28-year-old now sees a future in MMA.

Kang took on her first fight in front of a sold-out stadium in Thailand where she beat Nong B in a third-round knockout.

It all began when she was holidaying in Thailand and her 10-day trip turned into months spent at a local gym.

“I’m very much that zero or a hundred,” Kang told The MMA Hour. “I thought that I could do it, so I went straight in. I was driving past a local gym (in Thailand) and on the side of the road they have the little Thai boys that they groom to become fighters and I just pulled over my car and said ‘Can I try?’ - that was the beginning”.

The lessons she has learnt from Muay Thai have also helped Kang with her battle with obesity, then anorexia and body dysmorphia.

“It really gave me my self-confidence and really helped me rid a lot of insecurities that were weighing me down my whole life.”

Now Kang has engaged the services of MMA agent Malki Kawa and is training jiu-jitsu and wrestling to perfect her skills for a potential move to MMA.

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