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MMA: Mum Slaps Son After Losing Fight

Russian featherweight Viktor Kichigin was left bloodied in the ring, but the pain didn't end there.

At Fight Nights Global 67, Ruslan Yamanbaev pummelled Kichigin on the ground until the referee called time and declared Yamanbaev the winner by TKO.

If that wasn't bad enough, Kichigin’s mum, Anna, who was seen screaming from the outside of the octagon, stepped inside and slapped her son in the face.

Watch the video below.

Viktor Kichigin’s mum

Anna coaches her three sons, including Viktor, and is former martial artist herself.

Kichigin has eight wins and five losses to his name and apparently this isn't the first time his mum has berated her son in the cage! I guess they call it tough love ..

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