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The Basketball Revolution in India's Slums

Most children living in the slums of India don’t have access to clean water, food or clothes. But thanks to Dribble Academy, they now have hope for a better future.

The academy provides underprivileged children with quality basketball training and education.

Before every session, the students are required to attend a mandatory one hour class where they watch documentaries or learn English. This helps to keep them away from crime and substance abuse which is prevalent in villages across India.

Dribble Academy

Founder of Dribble Academy, Paradyut Volet, started the academy in 2014 with just two bamboo sticks, one ring and five kids. Now with over 200 kids, Pradyut says he has trouble accommodating all the students. He has a Masters in Clinical Psychology and has trained with leading basketball skill developers including the great Ganon Baker.

The age of the children ranges from four to fourteen and they come from many different backgrounds. But for most kids their parents are drivers, domestic helpers or vegetable venders.

One of the first girls to join the academy, Shaily Upadhyay, has scored herself a five-year scholarship at a leading school in India and will play in the sub-junior nationals.

The Dribble Academy is opening doors and giving hope to India’s children like never before.

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