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Video: 12 Year Old Girl Chokes Out Opponent Twice Her Age on Her MMA Debut

At just 12 years old, MMA fighter known only as “Momo” has choked out her 24-year-old opponent in the first round.

The match took place in Tokyo at the Deep Jewels 16 event, where after only a few kicks Momo jumped onto Momoko Yamazki's back and strangled her unconscious.

Watch the fight below!

Momo the 12-year-old MMA star

She fights in the 43kg division and has proven the critics wrong, who have suggested that competing against a woman twice her age and size was 'child abuse'.

"I have fought boys in my age and they were bigger than my next opponent so for me, it's no difference of any other fight," she told Uproxx in an interview.

Momo has been training six times a week, with a minimum of three hours per day since kindergarten.

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