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Podcast: How Dennis Cometti Became a Legend of Australian Sports Broadcasting

Over more than 40 years, the voice of legendary sports commentator Dennis Cometti has become instantly recognisable; the dulcet tones, humour and famous one-liners a trademark.


An only child, Dennis grew up broadcasting his own make-believe games and watching local footy with his father, who passed away when Dennis was just 18 years old.

He then forged a career as a radio DJ, and was given a chance to help out with some football coverage, which sent him on the sports broadcast path. In fact Dennis says he was given the chance to commentate Test cricket, but chose to stick with local footy, hoping to position himself for a role in the emerging national game. It turned out to be an inspired decision.

Dennis Cometti with Matthew Pavlich

Dennis talks about the preparation required for a weekend of commentary, his performance practices, and exactly how he finds a way to drop a classic one-liner at the perfect time.

He also talks about role models, the greatest players he’s seen and the sporting moments that have made him cry.

This episode is hosted by PickStar founders James Begley and Matthew Pavlich.

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