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Podcast: Building the Marketplace for Sports Stars

Growing an online marketplace is complex at the best of times, and PickStar’s ecosystem is particularly tricky.

Off-Field co-host James Begley is the founder of PickStar, the best place to book sports stars for any kind of event, campaign or experience .. which you would’ve already heard of, if you’re a regular listener.

This episode is a little different - James is grilled by his co-host Andrew Montesi about the makings of the PickStar marketplace.


James Begley and Andrew Montesi

With the help of AFL legend Matthew Pavlich, James has managed to attract well over 700 elite athletes, and counting, to the platform, he’s found clients and opportunities of all kinds to keep the athletes busy, and on top of that he’s managed to negotiate a system of athlete managers, clubs and leagues.

As a former AFL footballer, AFL Players Association staffer and corporate leadership executive, James knows his market better than anyone.

This conversation covers how James did it, what worked, the challenges and lessons learned along the way.

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