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These 'Headphones' Boost Athletic Performance

It's a device that looks like a pair of headphones, but does so much more.

Halo Sport

The Halo Sport device sends a flow of electrical pulses to the brain's motor cortex, resulting in a supercharged ability to learn new skills and build physical strength.

Founders Daniel Chao (neuroscientist) and Brett Wingeier (biomedical engineer) have previously worked on a surgically implanted pacemaker for the brain which is used to treat epilepsy.

Now with more than $9 million dollars being invested into Halo Sport, they are partnering with the U.S military and professional athletes to build evidence to support their claims. The device helps the brain send stronger signals to the athlete’s muscle which allows them to reap greater rewards from every rep.

The initial results have big potential, with members of the U.S. Olympic ski teams showing a 31% improvement in their propulsion force, and the Air Force showed a 50% reduction in training time for drone pilots. Some NBA and Baseball League players are also testing the device.

But Chao is concerned that such benefits of Halo Sport may trigger questions about the fairness of athletes using this technology to simulate the brain – which has been referred to as “neuro-doping”. Nevertheless, the first wave of devices has already been released for $750 dollars per unit, and sold out in less than a week.

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