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From NFL to Neurosurgeon

He was rated one of the top young stars of the NFL but Myron Rolle wanted to be more than just an athlete.

He started his career as a First Team Freshman All-American and was rated the number one rookie in the US by ESPN in 2006, but decided he didn’t want to stop at just football.

Myron chose to postpone his entry into the NFL draft to study medicine at Oxford in England for a year. There he was a finalist for a Rhodes scholarship – the most prestigious academic award available.

He came back to the United States to play NFL for a short period of time before following his instincts to head back to where his heart was all along – medicine.

After hours of study and hard work, Myron will graduate in 2017 with his doctorate from Florida State University College of Medicine. Not only that, he is the chairman of the Myron. L. Rolle Foundation which assists people in need, in the areas of health and education around the world.

What a guy!

Find out more about Myron Rolle and his Foundation.

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