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Podcast: NBL captain Mitch Creek's unique approach to leadership, culture, performance and mindf

In his first year as captain, Adelaide 36ers star Mitch Creek fell just short of leading his team to a National Basketball League championship. He came of age as a leader, is destined to represent his country at the highest level and even the NBA beckons.

We sat down for a very candid conversation with Mitch at our first live Off-Field event.


It all started for Mitch in Country Victoria, as a talented athlete across multiple sports, including footy, snooker and of course basketball. Later in the chat, we also find out that Mitch is obsessed with Badminton and still plays it in the off-season.

Mitch talks about being plucked by the Sixers as a naive 17 year old, and now the captain at 24, Mitch has developed a strong leadership style and has earned the absolute respect of team mates, even when he has to have tough conversations.

Mitch Creek, Off-Field podcast

Mitch also opens up about his secret weapon .. his psychologist. Managing the mind has been critical for Mitch to be able to handle the stress that comes with being a star and the club captain.

Mitch lives and breathes his club and even analyses the clubs attendances and marketing. We also talk about his family life, what inspires him, the evolution of basketball in Australia and so much more.

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