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The Robot That Moves Like a World-Class Athlete

Robotics company Boston Dynamics has created a nearly two-metre tall super athlete robot called Handle.

Video footage below shows just how athletic Handle is. It can roll over outrageously uneven surfaces, make sharp turns and could even compete for mark of the year, having the ability to jump over a metre high. Handle can roll forward up to 15 km/h and even do sit-ups.

Weakness is not an issue for this robot athlete, it can easily pick up and move a crate weighing 45kg! Handle is flexible and can compete in even the toughest conditions – snow, ice and even on a flight of stairs.

The robot is pretty impressive off-field, too. Interestingly, Handle is only composed of 10 actuator joints and is very energy efficient. It can operate in virtually any terrain and could provide potentially life-saving support in search and rescue missions.

Handle is a prime example of everything we love and fear about technology.

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