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Podcast: Boxing legend Danny Green on making the biggest fight in Australian history a commercial kn

Australian boxing champion Danny Green doesn’t need the money. But the opportunity to close out his career against his biggest rival, Anthony Mundine, was too good to refuse.


After a stellar career, the former world champ doesn’t have anything to prove. Sure there’s plenty of pride on the line, but the Green Machine doesn’t shy away from the fact that one of Australia’s most bitter rivalries is profitable for both fighters.

With a packed Adelaide Oval and millions of television viewers, it is said to the biggest fight in Australian history.

In an Off-Field exclusive, Danny squeezed us in for a chat during his preparations and we talked in detail about how the re-match came about, as well as the commercial aspects of the blockbuster event.

Danny Green on the Off-Field podcast

Danny says negotiations about who would get the biggest cut of prize money took ten years! Danny operates as his own promoter, so he knows the details better than anyone.

We cover these issues and much more. Listen via the links above.

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