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Podcast: Lighting up the world's most watched sporting moments

Off-Field is not just about sports stars. We’re also keen to find out about the interesting companies that play a pivotal role in the sports industry, and we’ve got a truly unique one for today’s episode.


FCT Flames specialises in the design, manufacture and operation of spectacular flame effects for sporting and ceremonial events.

For the company’s CEO, David Retallack, it started with the Sydney Olympics - that iconic moment when Cathy Freeman lit the cauldron - and FCT has been responsible for the flames at every Olympics since, including tens of thousands of torches.

These are the most watched moments in history, with billions of viewers all over the world. It comes with a lot of pressure and no margin for error.

David and FCT’s GM of Business Development, Mark Ryan, talk about how they innovate and engineer the impossible. We also discuss the big business of flames and combustion, running a global, high tech company from Adelaide and much more.

Find out more about FCT Flames.

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