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Podcast: Geelong coach Chris Scott, Part 2: The razor edge of high performance

As we continue our two-hour interview with Geelong premiership coach Chris Scott on our Off-Field podcast, we now learn about what drives and motivates the leader on a deeper level.

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In Part 1 (catch up on iTunes or SoundCloud), Chris talked in detail about the volatile world of coaching and his rapid rise to the top. If you missed it, make sure you go back and have a listen. Now in Part 2, Chris goes into the detail of high performance from the perspective of overseeing an elite team, but also on a personally.

Chris is a Dad, and each of his fellow coaches at Geelong have three or more kids, so despite holding one of the most demanding jobs, Chris strives for balance. Not just for himself, but those around him.

He’s obsessed with high performance, but tries not to be blinded by it – Chris admits this is something he’s had to get better at. He believes that going too far can lead to poor decision making and exhausted, unhappy teams.

Chris is a private person and admits to struggling with the public nature of his job. He says this is one of the big challenges facing young sports stars who are putting themselves on the market.

He also talks about his influences including family, other leaders, books and podcasts. Most of which, interestingly, sit outside of football.

There’s so many insights here with great detail, stories and examples generously shared by Chris Scott. It’s rare to hear from AFL coaches in such a personal setting, in a long-form format, and we hope to encourage more of it through the Off-Field podcast.

Listen to Part 1 with Chris Scott, the volatile world of an AFL coach here.

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